About Mike

Good writers are diverse. Mike Bleskie writes for many precise audiences and helps your messages stay relevant and extraordinary.

With a range of services that include strategic communications, media relations and coaching, copywriting, event management, and political organizing, you can rely on Mike’s suite of skills to meet your media, public exposure, and corporate social responsibility objectives.

Mike was born in Sudbury, Ontario to a working class family, and has called Sudbury home for most of his life. A public relations practitioner by trade, he served as the Vice President of the Cambrian College Students’ Administrative Council (SAC), where he also served as its Director of Student and Academic Affairs. His work to represent the rights and needs of Cambrian students led to Mike also serving on the Policy Committee of the College Student Alliance (CSA), a province-wide lobbying and support organization dedicated to working alongside government to create smart solutions to issues in post-secondary education. These experiences taught Mike the ins and outs of government at all levels, with such experiences as working toward an equitable universal bus pass program, working toward a strong credit transfer program in Ontario’s post-secondary education system, and lobbying on behalf of more than 135,000 college students to the Premier of Ontario and to related ministries.

Mike has also been very active politically, running for Greater Sudbury City Council in 2014, earning 16% of the vote in his ward as the youngest candidate in the city, at 22 years old. However, Mike has fought to bring fairness to others for years, and built the skills to support positive change. Mike originally started as an advocate for fair copyright and patent reforms in 2008, and “as a teenage civics experiment”, was a co-founder of the Pirate Party of Canada, a minor federal political party which has called for greater personal privacy protections on the internet, the elimination of digital locks on media files and major reductions of software and pharmaceutical patents.

Mike’s experiences with type 1 diabetes have played a major role in his passions. This focus has blossomed into many different organizations., serving as the Vice Chair of the Minnow Lake Community Action Network, and Youth Curator (co-chair) of TEDxYouth@NickelCity, held at Science North in April 2013.

Mike is currently completing a Master’s degree in Poltical Management at Carleton University in Ottawa.