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Media Release: Mike Bleskie declares Ward 11 candidacy

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SUDBURY, ON – Today, student leader and community advocate Mike Bleskie has filed his candidacy for the seat of Greater Sudbury city councillor in Ward 11, hoping to bring a new, positive sensibility to local politics.

“As a city, we need to move away from the idea that we cannot achieve,” said Bleskie, “we can’t continue with a council that refuses to work as a team to accomplish tasks, but chooses to restrict public access to information by firing a public defender. Relationships build communities.”

Mike is currently the Vice President of the Cambrian Students’ Administrative Council, and is a resident of Minnow Lake. He will be running on a platform driven by open source accountability, which will increase the role of civic engagement through technology. In addition, Mike has made smart community development a priority, with many debates over real estate development and community policing on the minds of many living in Minnow Lake and New Sudbury.

Mike plans to include exciting new methods of civic engagement, streamlining access to fiscal and administrative decisions, opening up council expenditures to public scrutiny, and creating better accessibility to essential information such as infrastructural data.

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