Media Release: Mike Bleskie delivers hot and delicious accountability

In case you haven’t heard, today’s media release was served with a side of deliciousness…read the release as a PDF, or below the reaction!




SUDBURY, ON – With the CBC dishing numbers about the cost of meals for council and staff meetings, Mike Bleskie is calling for a fresh way of keeping expenses monitored.

“Meals are a common business expense, and we need to be able to look at the cost effectiveness of any expenses to make sure we are being prudent. It’s impossible to do that when numbers are out of reach and can only be accessed by freedom of information requests.”

Bleskie is calling for greater access to both small and large expenses, so that citizens can be better versed about what costs are on the table at budget time, and prepared to make council accountable for expenses that need to be looked at.

A project called Citizen Budget (http://www.citizenbudget.com/) , by the organization Open North, allows for residents to make their own customized budget submissions based on projects and expenses that governments are currently scrutinizing. This tool encourages taxpayers to find novel ways to balance the budget, their own way.

Bleskie hopes that by making more information known, everybody can sate their budgetary appetite and feel more satisfied with their city’s financial future.


Additional notes: Bleskie completes his term as Vice President of Cambrian College SAC at the end of April. He is also currently blogging tips and information for potential youth candidates for Student Vote, an organization promoting civic engagement amongst young people.

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