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Updates: Provincial Election, Second Avenue, Signs, and More!

Hello, everyone! There are some important updates to share, so let’s get to them!


Provincial Election

The writ for the provincial election has dropped, meaning that Ontarians will be headed to the polls on June 12 to decide the makeup of Queen’s Park. Canvassing will continue, but the focus right now is on getting materials prepared, and volunteers getting mobilized. Stay tuned!

Second Avenue

The construction project on Second Avenue has been given the initial go-ahead, and further work is being done to fine-tune the project and get the tenders out. I was getting busy out in the area over the consulting process, getting input from neighbours and asking people out to the consultation sessions. In addition, I took part in the pre-consultation meeting before the second input meeting, where some of the

As a result, the city has gone forward with five lanes from Donna Drive to Scarlett Drive, and three lanes from Scarlett to Kenwood. Segregated biking lanes will be constructed from Donna to Kenwood, with a controlled intersection at Scarlett. The existing entrance to the cemetery will be moved to an access point from Scarlett, and the crossing in front of Adamsdale will be turned into a partially controlled intersection at Kenwood, with a crossing on one side. In addition, work will be done to improve drainage on Second, eliminate the open culverts, and create a new drainage sewer across to Plumtree Crescent.

This is a big win for the citizens of the Adamsdale neighbourhood. We’re seeing this road rebuilt to handle the infrastructure needs of residents, with bicycle access that has previously been ignored in our city, and the improved flow of traffic in mind, without turning an important artery into a neighbourhood hazard. Certain individuals and groups have called for other changes, such as three lanes only to Donna, or a roundabout on Scarlett, but this route taken by the city should be applauded for finally taking citizen’s needs into account.

Signs and brochures

Registration is available for signs! We have 250 signs available for the area, and we want to dot Minnow Lake and New Sudbury with purple! If you or anyone else in the ward would like to take a sign, feel free to get in touch.

In addition, plenty of brochures have been shipped! We will be distributing much of them by canvassing, but bundles can also be delivered to anyone (individuals, businesses, or groups) willing to distribute them! If you want to give some brochures out to your friends and neighbours in the ward, you are more than welcome!


All hands on deck!

We always need more people to help with campaign activities! The following roles are available:
– Canvassers: Anyone that is good with people would make great canvassers. Canvassers have an opportunity to engage the public on the streets during the campaign, providing leaflets, holding signs, and talking to voters about why Mike is the best choice for Ward 11. Canvassers may also help install signs while on the fly.
– Sign workers: Sign workers may be called on occasion to do specific sign runs, helping with the planting and removal of campaign signs in the neighbourhood. Although opportunities are limited, those who are not as comfortable with canvassing will be able to help out with this important task, particularly on the day after elections. Those signs need to come down on that day, so help will be greatly appreciated!
– Drivers: The campaign needs drivers to help transport people, signs and materials, and potentially even voters on election day. Unfortunately, at the moment, gas cannot be reimbursed, but mileage will be tracked as a contribution, and we will let you know if that situation changes.

Office space?

If you have free space of any size available in Minnow Lake that can be used as a makeshift office, let Mike know! By creating a central hub, we have the potential of. In addition to office space, some basic equipment and furniture would be of need, so that we can perform basic functions. Things like desks, chairs, phones, and a functioning computer would be loaned out for the duration of the campaign, and returned to the owner.

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