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Mike introduced himself to me as an eager 1st year student looking to have a positive impact on his program and the students of Cambrian College.  By his final year, Mike was the Vice President of the Cambrian Students’ Administrative Council and an intern in the College Advancement office.  His effort is genuine…his enthusiasm infectious.  Cambrian students have enjoyed our strongest start-up in years, a real credit to Mike’s efforts, along with the rest of our student leadership team.  Mike has benefited from a truly hands-on program, and taken those valuable skills learned in the classroom and deployed them in a real-world setting with success.

– Shawn Poland, Associate Vice President College Advancement, Cambrian College


Mike is an exceptional young man who’s attention to detail and willingness to involve himself have made him an indispensable addition to several committees as the College Student Alliance. I would strongly recommend Mike for any leadership role where his dedication to team dynamic, commitment to task and strong facilitating skills may be put to use.

– Tyler Epp, Director of Advocacy, College Student Alliance


 And in the political world…


I’ve been following this race, and Bleskie was early out the gates with a platform, hasn’t been using hyperbole like most of the people in this ward race, and has shown a surprising amount of thought in his ideas. New blood needed.

– community member, 2014 municipal election


 … [an] honourable, hard working and dedicated young man…

– community member, 2014 municipal election


You’re a breath of fresh air.

– community member, 2014 municipal election


…surprisingly poised, weighing in with well-spoken responses…

– Kelly Patterson, Ottawa Citizen, April 19, 2011


If youth are truly a culprit in Canada’s plummeting voter turnouts, […] Mike Bleskie is an astonishing anomaly…

– Emma Jackson, Your Ottawa Region, April 21, 2011