Struggling to find your voice?

I’ll be glad to help you take the first steps toward a clear, professional message.

Interview scrum in the lobby of the House of Commons

Public and media relations

Go beyond the press release and treat your story as a conversation.

Your message deserves to be seen and heard. In today’s media landscape, simply amplifying your voice doesn’t cut it anymore. I can provide advice on what kind of brand focus you should be developing, and can help incubate your brand identity and messaging so that you can put your best foot forward.

I offer a comprehensive suite of services suited solely to your projects. Your message will be given the amplification, authority, and tone needed to succeed. I can also help you get beyond the old trope of “We need to be on social media.” Working with you, I will identify the correct marketing mix for your digital strategy, and help put it in motion.

A view of the Parliament Buildings from Major's Hill.

Public affairs

Make sure you're part of the dialogue, not an afterthought.

Relationships matter. The partners, tools, and information you have may very well decide the success or failure of your objectives.

I will give you the blueprint needed to create and cultivate key relationships with government, NGOs, and business partners, from strategy to execution. I will work with you to identify and use every lever available to be heard at the table.